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By amribakri ( , ) on 10:56 PM

Ewww..did BuffPang[H] failed for some reason? Please clarify and try to explain on how to reproduce the error/bugs.

Here is the list of known problem or bug :
  • Problem
    • Error (v1.8,v1.9) : Error message 'Failed to initialize BuffPang[H]' when starting a job or using 'Start All'.
      Solution 1 : You need to run BuffPang[H] via 'Run As Administrator' when using on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
      Solution 2 : You need to install .NET 2.0 Framework when running on Windows XP. Please use Google or visit Micro$oft website.
    • Error (v1.9) : Coord Finder seems to fail capturing a coordinate after pressing click/right click on the selected Flyff window.
      Solution : The status of Coord Finder Tool will be described by the tooltips on the bottom right. Try to disable the 'Stay on Top'(v1.9) or 'Always on Top'(v1.8) and enable it back to ensure that your BuffPang[H] is on top of your window.
    • Error (v1.8,v1.9) : Single/Sequential Key job won't spam.
      Solution : In a Sequential Key job(like Auto Buffer), create a duplicate of the first job and place it right after the first job(means the duplicate must be the second node in the Job Manager). The gap must be set to 200ms~500ms. The rest of the node in the Sequential Key job will be fine. While for Single Key job(like Pet Feed,Auto Heal), you need to edit the job using Sequential Key panel group. Select the right Job Id, and insert a new FKey job using the same Slot/FKey. Set the gap to 200ms~500ms.
  • Bug
    • March 5th (v1.9.0.0) - A click job will fail to perform if its assigned as a head job.
    • March 5th (v1.9.0.0) - BuffPangH could crash when pressing Refresh List after you have changed the setting of Flyff Window Title (under Log & Setting)
    • Sept 25th (v2.0 Beta Rev 2) - When 'Enable Keyboard Shortcut' option is enabled, pressing 'S' while playing will make your character to walk backward non-stop. You can stop it by going back to the tool interface. This a known reported bugs(reported by Kai, Thanks! :)).
      Quick Fix : You can fix this by disabling the 'Enable Shortcut Key' option, or simply  avoid pressing the letter 'S' while playing.

Check back here to see a compiled list of known bugs.

    Commented 55 times

    Yes I got a fail, or at least I think I have. When I start my "script", it waits first one whole loop of 138500 ms
    This is my script: {S3:F1:138500:917882}{S3:F2:2000}{S3:F3:2000}{S3:F4:2000}{S3:F5:2000}{S3:F6:2000}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F4:2000}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F8:2000}{S1:F6:2000}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F9:1800}{S1:F2:2300}

    Please tell me whats wrong.

    Wew..that's a lot of spam in a single job.

    Mind to tell me what you trying todo?

    My assist aint starting to buff :/ {S2:F1:300000:394486}{S2:F2:2000}{S2:F3:2000}{S2:F4:2000}{S2:F5:2000}{S2:F6:2000}{S2:F7:2000}{S2:F8:2000}

    First I am buffing, slot 3 f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6. After buffing I am healing for about 1min 10sec. After that I say something slot1 s4, heal 3 times, then give an other buff slot 1 f8, f6. Then I heal 12 times. And after I say someting, slot 1 f2. And then it loops.
    This is how my knight fights, first it needs buffs, then I heal, I say it gets SF/GT in a few sec, I heal, I give SF/GT, knight kills I heal, I say it gets rebuffed and loop starts again.

    I recommend that you to separate the Auto Buff and Auto Heal job. dont mix them in single job, coz the buff following the main buff will not be trigger if the first node (the head) timer still counting.

    assign SF+GT into Job A
    -> {S1:F8:30000:917882}{S1:F6:2000}

    assign long buff into Job B
    -> {S3:F1:138500:917882}{S3:F2:2000}{S3:F3:2000}{S3:F4:2000}{S3:F5:2000}{S3:F6:2000}

    and heal as Job C
    -> {S1:F9:2000:917882}

    pls check with example here

    @Anonymous - January 2, 2010 6:13 PM

    Your Auto Buff job looks valid. But, will be trigger after 300,000ms. try assign Invoke command to this job and trigger it manually to check if its working.

    Impossible to download the beta version(1.9) on megaupload

    Could you please choose a diferent way to upload it?

    Perhaps you forgot to press the 'Skip this page' on the top-right corner?

    Please specify the nature of your problem.

    If i press Coordinate Finder then i should click inside flyff window to get new coordinate right? Well problem is that i can click as much as i want in flyff window but it doesn't finish finding coordinate (it does only if i click somewhere else (not flyff window)

    Okay, you must read what does the popup tips on bottom left says. If it says something about coordinate captured, then you already got the coord.

    Try to disable and re-enable the 'Stay on top' option. Might help if you are running so many application, since it could mess up BuffPang[H] on top settings..

    Well i doesn't say coordinate captured. it only says that if i click somewhere else for an example start button or anywhere on desktop. Clicking in flyff window simply doesn't seem to work for me or at least it doesn't capture it if i click in flyff window it stais like its still looking for click

    Here's the step to use the Coord Finder :
    1. Disable and Enable the Stay on Top option(still got a glitch)
    2. Select the desired Flyff ID
    3. Start Coord Finder.
    4a. BuffPang[H] will turn into minimize mode. Tips popup at bottom right will says 'Coord Finder is capturing a coordiante...'
    4b. Click/Right click on any location inside the Flyff window. Lets say the F1 Fkey slot.
    4c. Once you made the click/right click, the tips popup will changed. It should tell you to save the coordinate captured before using it.

    Anyway, if you are running on Vista/Win7, be sure you are running it via 'Run As Adminstrator'

    software detected today. please bypass

    fixed at eFlyff o.0 Game Hack was Found....can you update your version so ,that gameguard cant find?

    BuffPangH freezes when i try to refresh list...

    did u change the Flyff Window title? If so, you must enter the correct window title to make it work. Its case sensitive...

    Just terminate BuffPangH, and go to the install folder, open the setting.xml. Rename the "FlyffWindowName" parameter back to FLYFF.

    I'm not sure if this counts as a bug, but whenever I try to open 1.9 (before opening Flyff), it wont recognize my Flyff window, when I press refresh - BuffPangH freezes. And when I open 1.9 after Flyff, it remains in the tool tray then freezes when I click on it.
    I'm running Vista and right-click and selecting 'Run as Administrator.'

    Can you confirm that the setting under Log & Setting -> Flyff Window Name is set to "FLYFF"?(without quote)

    btw, BuffPang[H] won't recognize the patcher screen/window. try not to refresh the list while your Flyff is loading or logging in.

    Also, make sure the BuffPang[H].exe and ggByPass.dll files are in the same folder

    for those who have trouble in a auto buffing method where in the rm buffs are stock with one buffs try this
    i used 3 invoke and seperate my 9 buffs into three

    job sequence 1
    {S1:F1:1000:4130064}{S1:F2:1000} [{S1:F3:1000}{S1:F3:1000}]

    job sequence 2
    {S1:F4:1000:4130064}{S1:F5:1000} [{S1:F6:1000}{S1:F6:1000}]

    job sequence 3
    {S1:F7:1000:4130064}{S1:F8:1000} [{S1:F9:1000}{S1:F9:1000}]

    notice the same buffs at the of end of command, wonder why
    because my rm only buffs 2 of them so i decided at the end of command to add another buffs (same buffs) so my rm will cast 3 buffs per command,
    so its flawless buffs

    Cant download... It says, Please sign in blabla

    uhmm Im having an error with the fact that i continue to get an error with ggByPass.dll. apparently its not being read and thus the job is not being performed

    I am having serious trouble opening the downloaded file. I download the file then it asks me what program should I open it with. Not sure what to do. Any help?


    This comment has been removed by the author.

    I'm pretty unsure what is wrong. But i'm positive that the downloaded file is either incomplete or corrupted..

    Download it again from different source and see if its fixes your problem..

    after my Laptop 'died' i got another computer,
    but this one got problems with BuffPang...

    o.o I'm not able to Add Keys :<
    Look here:

    xD What can i do?

    Thanks ;3

    I'm not sure if the picture shows anything wierd. Can you tell me what goes wrong actually, or post another picture with the error message?

    :< The fact that you can't see the black buttons with: "Add FKey into job" and "Add Click into job", is the real problem :x

    Try to restore your Windows theme's font size to normal. I never tested BuffpangH for different type of Windows themes..thanks for reporting this :)



    *~* thank you <3
    I wondered why the size of everything on this computer was so dofferent (and really ugly x.x)

    Now everything works ^,^
    Thanks again

    Oh my, thank you VERY much.

    This is very complex, but it is very nice, as long as you take the time to figure out what you are doing.

    I'll try to make this easy to understand xD

    I wanted to Auto-Heal, so I used "Single Key" and put it to my F-Key in Slot 1.
    (Slot Key: Slot1 -- F-Key: F1 -- Interval: 1000 [1 Second])

    Now, while Auto healing, I wanted buffs every once in a while.
    For the purpose of testing, I set it to buff every 30 seconds (30,000ms). I set the gap for 3 seconds (3,000ms). It would use my first buff, then just keep healing, skipping all of my other buffs.

    I set it up like this:

    Job ID: New ID -- Job order: Add to last -- Job interval: 30,000ms -- Slot key: Slot 2 -- F-Key: F1 "Add FKey into job" --- OK, first buff done.

    Job ID:Job 1 (Job 0 being Auto-Heal) Job Order: Add to Last -- Job Gap: 3,000 -- Slot Key: Slot 2 -- FKey: F2 -- "Add FKey into job" -- Second buff done.

    (Then just change FKey -- F3 -> F4 -> F5) Total time=24 Seconds [6 Second wait in between]

    But, it just does the F1 buff, then just keeps healing. Not even attempting to do the other buffs.

    For Referance, I'm using BuffPang[H] 2.0 BETA

    Please, tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks ^^

    Firstly, pls remember that BuffPangH is a spam bot. So,it does not manage the spam timing. The timing part supposely to be done by yourself, with few rules in mind..

    i. don't set 1sec as auto-heal interval(or any other auto-skill spamming). This couldmess ur Flyff game, as well as other spam job. try setting it to 2-3sec instead. Coz in reality ur RM char is not able to cast heal that fast. 3sec is ideal, depends on ur connection speed.
    ii. try to set the auto-buffer so it will give a gap every 2-3sec for the auto heal to run.
    iii. try to use the manual invoke command for auto-buffer. stop your auto heal job, and trigger it. this is the sure way to get all the buff u need.

    here's something that could help u understand better :)
    [Setting A : AutoHeal Interval=1sec, AutoBuff Interval = 2sec]
    @Time -->> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
    @Job --vv
    Auto Heal : X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
    Auto Buff : X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X -
    * this setting can be considered as IMPOSSIBLE. Auto Heal has occupied every second of free time. Auto Buff will be ignored.

    [Setting B : AutoHeal Interval=2sec, AutoBuff Interval = 2sec]
    @Time -->> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
    @Job --vv
    Auto Heal : - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X
    Auto Buff : X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X -
    * this setting can be considered as SEMI-PERFECT. both job has a free gap to let the other job to run. Auto Buff might fail (totally) if u trigger it at the wrong time :)

    [Setting C : AutoHeal Interval=3sec, AutoBuff Interval = 2sec]
    @Time -->> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
    @Job --vv
    Auto Heal : - - X - - X - - X - - X - - X - - X - - X
    Auto Buff : - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X -
    * this setting can be considered as Half-PERFECT. both job has a free gap to let the other job to run. Auto Buff might fail (sometimes) if u trigger it at the wrong time :)

    p/s : X=1sec interval

    Alright, thank you. That was very helpful.

    One more thing, today, I started BuffPangH up, and it wont show anything for Flyff ID. It worked fine yesterday. Does it matter which one you start first?

    Nope. A simple refresh should fill the list again. Have u been using 'Run As Admin' before, but have forgotton to use it again?

    I tried refreshing it several times, did nothing.
    I also restarted my computer, and changed which program I started first.
    After several tries, it still wouldn't work... So, I just re-downloaded it. Everything works fine now. Thank you for all of your help. This is an amazing program, and I really value all the work you put into it, as well as the time that you take to make sure everyone using it is satisfied.

    Good to hear everything working as normal again.

    Cheers and happy Flyffing :)

    I got the prob that BuffPang H Rev 2 2.0 Beta often crushes down.
    The version before didn't do that.
    I can't stop my Jobs then.


    The frequent crash could happen when you have assigned a job with a very low interval like 1,000ms. The queue manager in Beta 2.0 v2 will quickly flooded with those job, especially when the queue itself has 1,000ms gap.

    Simply put, you can either use 0ms for the queue manager gap to avoid those 1,000ms job problem, or vice versa. But again, the gap timer is global, so use with caution.

    hi, i am using 800x600(window mode), when i use the collector job i found although it will press the f1 key then the battery dialog pup up,and BuffPang keep sending "Leftx1{X:352-Y:363}every :2000ms after S1:F1" but there was actually no response in my game. i did used the Show Coored function to ensure that i got a right place
    and yes it was right, just can't figure out. any help would be appreciate :)

    same problem here


    Click job has been unusable since Beta 2.0. will be fixed on next release.


    when is the next release ? can you tell me ?

    Hey ;)
    i just wanted to ask if it is possible to run BuffPang on 64-bit systems?

    Yes..BuffPangH should run fine under 64bit OS'es

    ermmm im tryna use buffpang, for v17! i load up the pang, then load up flyff, then i click the arrow near flyff id! it crashes :( :( , has this been testesd for v17???

    sori i mean, i click "refresh id"*

    yup i think its still working in v17

    At collector bot it dont loop it only fills battery and start collecting for 1 time.


    A quick fix to loop bug:
    - press 'Start All', then immediately stop it by pressing 'Stop All'
    - finally, press 'Start All' again


    BuffPangH still working on v18 (tested by a forumner from GZP).

    If its works before and suddenly has stop working for you, then try to redownload it. Replacing the setting.xml file with the original one also work, but you'll lost most of the saved coordinates + recent files (if there's any).

    Hi, I am having a issue. Asoon as I press "Start All" buffpang stops working and windows trys to find a solution to the issue (when did windows ever find a solution to your problems). I am running Windows 7 home Prem 64 bit. I am running it in admin mode when I open it and I havnt a clue what I can change for it to work.

    i guess the DLL for the tool isn't working properly as expected under windows 64.

    can u try to run it with compatibility mode? pick winxp sp3 for starters

    Hi Amribakri,
    First off great tool which you provide us for free, it's still working on official flyff but I noticed a bug which is a huge disadvantage for me:

    When I set BuffPang to spamm a key each 500ms or 1000ms and start the spammer it seems to loop the key forever because when I stop it it keeps spamming the key.
    Also after a while I get a net framework error where I can click either continue or stop. Also, the key will loop forever even if I stop the job. Other jobs also seem to keep looping (but for a weird reason sometimes said jobs double their interval. For example my job which spams the petfood feeds each 20 seconds instead of each 10). Sometimes the keys stop looping after I stopped them but with huge delay. Like a minute or something after I stopped them.

    I run buffpang as administrator and got 64bit windows 7

    What I basically want the tool to do is to spamm heal for me while I collect mobs and AoE and also to feed my pet each 10 seconds.

    Is there any way to fix this or is this a program bug? Would be nice if you could look into it.


    I'm the previous guy again. I fixed it. What I did was setting the delay under settings to 0. Works fine now. But maybe you should still look into this since it causes this netframework error

    Thanks for posting the said bugs.

    Yeah, the delay setting used to fix missing buff/spam.

    Unless the delay is set to 0, there will be a fixed delay added between 2 consecutive spam, just to make sure the in-game delay and connection delay won't prevent a key/click spam. This delay setting can be found under Log & Setting > Setting.

    Another thing you should notice is, once a job started and firing a key/click spam, the tool will put it on queue. If the job was stopped after the key/click is sent to the queue, the tool will continue with spamming until the queue is empty.
    That explains the behavior of the tool that keeps on spamming even after you have stopped it. Most people that face this kind of problem usually was setting the job interval very low eg 100ms. Sometimes, The .NET error also pops out due to the overflow of the tool's memory.

    So keep in mind what to spam and its interval next time :0

    is this Buffpang.exe work on Aetherflyff?!.. please Reply Thanks

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