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About BuffPang[H] :
  • The Buff Pang, formally known as Pang, and former guardian of the the Lodelites, aids new travelers in anyway that he can. Ever since the Lodelites were destroyed by the hands of fate, Pang was found in a position of uselessness, solitude, and loneliness. The guardian seemed to have no place in the world of Madrigal anymore.
  • Current Version :
    - 2.0 Beta (Some PServers with older client are not supported)
    - (Stable.Only works with older client.)
Main Features (features on beta release are not included) :
  • Support v15 (using v2.0 Beta - tested on eFlyff up to August 20th, 2010
  • Multi-login (not just dual login)
  • Single key spammer - for timed single key spam(eg. Heal,Pet Feed,Linked attack,shouts)
  • Sequential keys - for sequential spam with delay timers(eg. buffs,afk shouts)
  • Click spammer - another extension to the existing Single key and Sequential key spammer. Can be mixed with FKey to form a unique Job
  • Skip Slot Key(Friendly Mode or Ignore Mode) - weird numbers (slot keys) are messing your chat? Try to play around this setting to see which one suits your need.
  • Manageable keys - able to Reconfigure/Save/Load your keys anytime
  • Minimize and Icon Mode - put BuffPang[H] away from your Flyff window
  • Invoke Rebuff - invoke rebuff on-demand, can include several jobs.
  • Coordinate Manager - capture a coordinate and use it to make your own click bot ( you need to be creative on where and how to use this. A hint : Awakening, CW cage rushing entrance). The captured coordinates a saved automatically and can be easily use again and again. 
  • High compatibility with private servers - able to recognize customized Flyff clients on some private server's client.
Additional Features :
  • Very Low memory consumption ~ 25MB-35MB
  • Very very small execute file ~ 250KB
  • Job Name - help you to identify job better.
  • Improved support for 64bit OS'es

  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework (try to update it if you got problem)

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