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This guide contains :
  1. Assigning Single Key
  2. Assigning Sequential Key
  3. Save / Load
  4. Assigning and using Invoke command
  5. Assigning and using Collector Job

Assigning Single Key

  • Select Flyff Id (Choose Show Window if you are running multiple Flyff)
  • From under Single key group, select Slot Key,F-Key, and enter time Interval.
  • Press Add as Single Key Job

Assigning Sequential Key

  • Using New Id
    • From under Sequential Keys group, select Slot Key,F-Key, and enter time Interval. (not Job Gap)
    • Select New Id from the Job Id list
    • Press Add as Sequential Key Job
  • Using Existing Id
    • From the Job Id list, select 'Job X' ('X' is your job Id, normally is 'Job 0' if you just started using Guide>Assigning Sequential Key>Using New Id)
    • Job Gap will become enable while Interval is disabled. Enter your time here.
    • Press 'Add as Sequential Key Job'


  • Saving a Job
    • From Job Manager tab, highlight the desired Job Id.
    • An additional button on the right pane will become visible.
    • Choose Save Job, set filename and press OK.
  • Loading a Job
    • From Job Manager tab choose Load Job.
    • Find the file and press OK.
  • Loading a Recent Job
    • From Job Manager tab, right click on Load Job button.
    • A list of recent files (loaded files only) will be available.
    • Click on any item to load the job.

Assigning and Using Invoke command

  • From Job Manager tab, expand the desired Job Id.
  • Highlight the Configurations node for the desired Job Id.
  • A Edit Job Config panel will become visible on the right side of the job tree.
  • Enable Include in Invoke option.
  • Enter a name for your job. This will be helpful to you later.
  • Press Apply. Check with the grey area at topmost of BuffPang[H].
  • A small purple button has appeared in there. It will be labeled with the Job Id of the selected job earlier.
  • Press this button anytime to invoke the spam job in this Job Id.

Assigning and Using Collector Job

  • Automatic
    • Collector Job is a new feature on v1.9. Its located in Job Centre, under the Collector Job group. Try to minimize the other job group if you unable to locate this group.
    • First, to start using Collector Job, you must assign 2 very important coordinates. The OK button to replace battery confirmation dialog, and Start button for starting collecting process.
    • We start with capturing the first coordinate. Now, assign a normal battery into one of the FKey slot(in Flyff). Lets say F1.
    • Now, go to Coord Manager tab, select the desired Flyff Id, and press the Coordinate Finder button. 
    • BuffPang[H] will turn into minimize mode. Tooltips at bottom right will says 'Coord Finder is capturing a coordinate...'. The selected Flyff Id will become active.
    • Now, press the FKey to your normal battery. Lets say F1.
    • Click or right click exactly on the OK button for the replace battery confirmation dialog.
    • Once you made the click/right click, the tooltips popup will tell you to save the captured  coordinate before using it.
    • Enter 'OK Button' as Coord Name, and press Add Coordinate. You just added the first coordinate.
    • Now, for capturing the second coordinate, you must equip your collector. Do not move the collector dialog around. Let it be at default position. If you have move it by accident, try to un-equip and re-equip the collector.
    • Now, under the Coord Manager tab, select the desired Flyff Id, and press the Coordinate Finder button. 
    • Click or right click exactly on the Start button of the collector dialog.
    • Enter 'Start Button' as Coord Name, and press Add Coordinate. You just added the second coordinate.
    • Okay now we done with coordinate capturing. Go back to Job Center.
    • Assign the Slot key and FKey to the battery. Lets say F1 using slot 1.
    • For Button OK option, select 'OK Button' from the list.
    • For Button Start/Stop, select 'Start Button' from the list.
    • Finally, press the Add as Collector Job.
    • Now start your collector job using Start All or start it manually from Job Manager.
    • For Collector FAQ, read it from
  • Manual
    • {soon}

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Thanks a lot! I got a working "Auto Attack" job with my ringmaster spaming heal on me. All I have to do now is click a mob and BAM! You really made my leveling very easy. It would be stupid to suggest an "auto-clicker" with all the aggros though. Haha. Thanks a Bunch v(^)_(^)

hmmm maybe the "auto-attack" job that I have mentioned. Its quite usefull, mostly for mages. May also serve useful for other classes that spam skills. :D

Good job for discovering new way to use BuffPang[H]. Nice info. Thanks

HELP! I can't see my window list for BuffPang!!!!

Please check under bugs section..see if my post just now can help you

@Lawrence please tell me how you did that. Sounds awesome!

hey. . . uhm can you help me . . . what's wrong my buffpang didn't work. . . it work in PH flyff?

application error . please help me. . .

For some reason, the collector job isn't working for me, i set all coordinates... but nothing is happening.... does it maybe not work in windowed mode?

can you please post about how to do "auto-attack" using the buffpang.

everything is working fine? but how is auto attack works?

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