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Retaled Tips :

  1. Say NO to Penya Spammner..
  2. BuffPang[H] 1.9 Beta : Workaround 2
  3. BuffPang[H] 1.9 Beta : Workaround 1
  4. Do and Don't

  • After you have assigned an Invoke command to a job, you can easily access the Invoke button by enabling 'Always On Top' and using 'Minimize' mode.
  • Don't forget to set your RingMaster to 'Follow' your char. Also, set the RingMaster's target to your grinding char. Auto Buffer and Auto Heal usually fails here since the RingMaster was too far away and did not have your grinding char as its target.
  • FS'ing an AOE char is a pain in the asss. It could be worse when your Auto Heal and Auto Buffer job is triggering at the same time while the grinding char at critical point. For this situation, you can improve your Auto Heal's job chances to execute ahead of any Auto Buffer's job by setting your Auto Heal Job's Id (the number) higher than your Auto Buffer Job's Id. Example : Set you Auto BUff as 'Job Id 0' and Auto Heal as 'Job Id 1'. Use Save,Load and Delete Job function to re-order the Job Id. Load the Auto Buffer job first, followed by Auto Heal job.
  • Bugged Linked Attack
    -> invite someone with RED SCROLL to join ur advance party (preferably adv lvl 20+).
    -> so you MUST be a leader to advance party now.
    -> now you got the bug/glitch damage when using linked attack skill :)
    -> use BuffPang[H] to spam that skill every 10 sec..voila!!
  • Quick Exit from shop window
    -> Press 'W' or 'S' when your done browsing/buying.

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