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  1. BuffPang[H] 1.9 Beta : Collector FAQ

  • I load a saved job. When is press "Start All" nothing happen.
    Stop the job through Job Manager if its running. Select your Job Id's Flyff Window Id node, and reassign the Flyff Id again. The Flyff Id is not loaded for compatibility reason.
  • I wish to stop my buffing job while i'm in town selling blue item. But i dont want to stop my single key job (AFK shouting).
    Using 'Start All' button will make all active job to start counting. To control a specific job, look under the job manager tab, highlight your buffing job and press 'Stop Job' button. This works on all type of job.
  • Why there is numbers like 1,2,3 appears in my chat?
    That's the Slot Key to your F-Key location. Try the Chat Friendly option under Job Manager. It'll try to minimize Slot Key's interrupting your chat. 
  • Is there a limit to how many Flyff game I can run at the same time?
    Yes and No. Yes, there's always a limit for your computer to load more than 2-3 Flyff instance. And no, currently BuffPang[H] did not have any limitaion issue on how many Flyff instance you want to spam.
  • Since there is no limitation for BuffPang[H], can I use BuffPang[H] to spam Auto Pet Feed on a pet across 3 different Flyff instance at the same time?
    Yes. As long as you have assigned 3 different Auto Pet Feed job for each of your Flyff instance.
  • Now i want each of my Flyff instance to be able to Auto Unsummon 3x Level D pet after 2 hour. Is that possible?
    Yes. Take the example from the Example guide here. Duplicate up to 3 Auto Unsummon job (Job A and Job B). Make sure you have enough pet feed to supply 6hour (3pet x 2 hour) of your pet needs.
  • One of my pet died. I have enough pet feed supply and the Auto Pet feed is running fine. What's wrong here?
    There's a lot of possibility why a job in BuffPang[H] could fails. Try not to AFK Pet Feed during a laggy connection. Also, running multiple Flyff instance may slow down overall Flyff in-game performance. Setting a lower graphic setting might help, as long as each Flyff instance is at a playable framerate.

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I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can't seem to be able to buff again. My interval is set to 420,000 or 7 minutes. My buffs run out and my character doesn't rebuff at all, not unless I invoke it.

BuffPangH v1.8.0.2 was patched on Feb 24th, 2010.

Download v1.9.0.0 from the Download section.

Hi, I don't know how to configure BuffPang for my magician. Can you help me? I want to use Mental Strike while attacking the monster. I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!

Hi,my Buff Pang won't show the window i'm using.Can help me?Thanks

BuffPangH v1.9.0.0 was patched on June 3rd, 2010.

Download v2.0 Beta from the Download section.

why cant the buffpangH find my flyff ID

Server _https://monsterflyff.com/
Window name MONSTER, process name Neuz.exe, Buffpang didn`t recognize flyff id. Pls help icq-39856951

i know a seraph named yddahC (filipino) in monsterflyff... she is using auto buffer(breath of life) to me while i'm mobbing, i'm trying to ask her what program is she using but she won't tell me, so i tried searching in internet and i found Buffpang... i tried to use it but it won't work


Please check with the Logging & Setting > Setting. Please note your Flyff window title (in window mode) and adjust the setting accordingly.

Restart BuffPangH after setting the new flyff window name.

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