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  • You can enable Ignore Slot Keys to a job if you are spamming a few keys from the same slot. This will help to prevent any wierd numbers appearing in your chat. BUT you have to be sure that there is no other job trying to change slot.
  • For computers that run slowly or not very fast, set the Log count to 0 (zero) might help.
  • Skills from the Motion menu can also be use as a spam. Very useful for vagrant or low cash player.
  • Hunting for Plug+9 is tiresome. But hunting using class like Magician and Acrobat is a lot easier. You can make it much easier by  spamming "Attack Selected Target" and "Follow" mode while on board.
  • You can help to combat a Penya Spammer by spamming him/her with text shourtcut. Try to create "/GuildInvite spammer_name" "/PartyInvite spammer_name" as your shortcut, and SPAM IT!! He or she will eventually disconnected. If those command is blocked by that char, just spam him with super-long "/say" text.
  • The most common problem for miss buff to occur for Auto Buff job is your walking speed vs your partner walking speed issue. While your partner is running toward mobs at higher speed than yours, the spam that is about to trigger will fail due to range limit for each buff. Take Spirit Fortune for example. It has really short casting range. Try to match your speed with your partner, either buy your RM a Cloak/Flash Charm/Sprint Scroll or simply ask your partner to remove his Cloak/Flash Charm/Sprint Scroll.
  • Prevent from placing your chat cursor into any of chat box or private message box. A job with a slot key will fail to run properly.
  • When you are trying to create a job related to buffs, try NOT TO mix together buff with short uptime with longer uptime into the same job. Take Geburah Tiphreth and Spirit Fortune. Most RingMaster will able to cast these buff for 40seconds. This definitely a short uptime, thus requires frequent rebuff. Try to place them into a different rebuff job while setting the Interval timer to 45seconds. 

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