Flyff Auto Tools - BuffPang[H]

By amribakri ( , , ) on 11:08 PM

Hi guys..welcome to BuffPang[H] official blogsite.

It's been a while since BuffPang[H] is released to public. I'm impressed with the numbers of response and feedback received up until today. I hope you guys really enjoy playing your beloved characters in Flyff with BuffPang[H]...

I'm sure everyone is happy to be able to use a working auto tools again. Yea, since v14 is out most tool has sieze from working. Well, some other tool for v14 also available but only able to supply a very limited functionality. So, like a flash of a genius, I decided to release BuffPang[H] to public. Its been my best private tool since v9 actually :)

Big thanks to JoostP of GzP for his tutorial. That's one of the reason why BuffPang[H] is available for public. You can never achieve everything alone, not without help. So now, BuffPang[H] is available for free hoping it can help others. Go here to download. Check here for guide, examples and FAQ.

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