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In here, you can post a suggestion for new features in BuffPang[H]. Be as detail as possible and see if its can capture my interest :)

I'll be monitoring all new suggestions. If I like suggested features, I'll put in into my 'To Do List'.

My To do List
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At [Sequential Keys (Buffs, AFK Spam) ] try adding another "tab" with the "priority of the job"
Ex: You have different jobs for heal, rebuff and SF/GT

Heal: Job 0
Rebuff: Job 1
SF/GT: Job 2

Job 0 = 3
Job 1 = 1
Job 2 = 2

Also for the same Suggestion /\ , You can make a ticket -box "[ ]" that can say, if Job jumped because of priority, set it for [y] ms later.

Sounds great. I'll see if I can squeeze this feature into next release. Thanks for your suggestion.

wow nice job

thanks bro ^.^

I got a suggestion,
Perhaps you could make it possible to insert new instruction into the excisting lines.
This way we don't have to delet all the other lines to insert something in the middle of a buff/heal program.

Add a way to completely disable the pressing of the 1/2/3's since Chat Friendly Mode rarely stops them and screws up chat.

Hey! As of the current update, BuffPang[H] is detected.
My suggestion is kind of obvious; please bypass BuffPang[H]. ;]

after a mainatance on 24,02,2010 your program doesnt work. its game hack detected. can you fix it? please. i waiting for update.

Detected by GameGuard... :(

game hack found

yeah, cant use Buffpang anymore :(((

hey guys, lets donate to make BuffPangH indestructible! :D

give him a break, maybe he dont wanna do this anymore or he just cant i dont think is that easy to bypass gameguard if not there would be tons of automatic tools for flyff, sorry guys it think u will have to use conventional ways once again :(

I'm pretty sure a million people have bugged you about this, but is there any expected time the new release will be? Thank in advance, greatly appreciate it =) can't live without your program!

Is there any other pet feed program still working? plz send them here people :D

BuffPang was found by GameGuard. :(
Pls new Version :D

BuffPang 1.9 Collector problem. I'm having exactly the same problem with the start and stop button mentioned in your FAQ.

When I selected the last job item node there is no 'Delete this Key' option on the side bar. I'm really confused as to how to remove the second click. Can you walk me through this step?

why buffpang is not working in demonflyff? it not recognized the window. nothing appears in jobID can u fix it that? thanks


Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!
I am a long time Flyff Player, and this is THE BEST hack ever!!!
lolllll ty again!

- Chat Friendly Mode only stop the slot key in a friendly manner. To completely stop the slot key, use the Ignore Slot Key option from within the job configuration itself.

- Game Guard Detection Issue is solved on v1.9.0.0 (March 3rd)

- Collector Job is partially completed on v1.9 Beta. Try the new v1.9.0.0. Works fine now..

- I believe demonFlyff has a modified clients which is using a different Flyff window title. Try the v1.9.0.0, look under Logs&Setting, change the Flyff Window Title option. Enter the window title of your client in there and press Enter or Apply. Restart your BuffPangH and see if the list has your Flyff window now..

If anyone has any good idea in your mind, post it here :)

A Patch made it so whenever the pet has reached 99% an ok" box pops up.. So I added the standard click and it was a little off.. I wonder if there is a way just to set an fkey to enter?.. But Im adding my own custom coordinated for right now.. Thank you for this program it helps a lot!!

how about reading HP FP and MP so that one can autopot under a certain percentage? especially nice for aoers or rms

i simply suggest and im sure is probably been asked, but could u make an option to stop on job from continuing while a higher priority one has been activated, for example if my rm is healing, andn i want him to buff after 100,000 secs , healing should stop and let bufiin fully happen, because now its annoyin cos ma char doesnt recieve all buffs while the char heals at teh same time, it skips some.

Hack detected on deamon flyff.
Nice job for the official ;)

You cant take pets off because the BuffPang make all actions twice, so, when you make it press F3 for ex, it press it twice, so, the pet goes off and the on again ):
sorry my inglish


Can u try disabling the Dual-Spam option for the auto-unsommon job? I believe thats the reason why u cant make it work :)

why i cant dual login in Indonesian FlyFF? can u help me Amribakri?

i download Buff Pang [H] because in other forums says Multi CLIENT.. but i cant use it? why i cant use it? can u tell me? i played in Indonesian FlyFF.. can u help me Amribakri? thanks b4

I hope everybody stop complaining about how buff work, unless your donating :). we should all be happy that this tools has been created

at first if i want to do a collecter job somehow is doesn´t work it refills after 1 hour insted of 30 mins but prob is solved by a Sequential Key job
but as a suggestion to make the collecter work would be to first stop the collector then refill the battarie and than restart the collector as Ftool extended did
and another very cool feature would be an Awaking boot that buys a vagrantus part of the npc or a shield serveral times and than awakes all the bought parts and maby if its done there comes a pop up wether you want to proseed and than it sells an the stuff an it starts from the beginning
*Ps I have to say you´´r doing a great work ^^

i was hoping you sir could make a tool that automatic heals hp mp and fp making us players easier to level especially mobbers

At collector bot it dont loop it only fills battery and start collecting for 1 time.How will i fix it?


Please check with bug section to fix the loop bug.

Hello I was playing a private server of flyff using buffpang and everything was fine. After an update the x-guard detected the BuffPang has something to prevent this??

Anyone have any ideas to multiclient on another gPotato game that uses GameGuard called Luna Plus. Also is it possible to change your application so it can pick up the IDs for other processes? Then I can use it for my other gPotato game..

damn i was just download this yesterday and now the game guard was changed during maintenance today,,it is no longer using nProtect GameGuard its now use XTraps game guard ,,,btw iam playing flyff indonesia,,,the gg bypass isnt working now :( everytime i activate this program the flyff window closed and the xtraps game guard detect this program,,maybe you can help with adding bypasser for xtraps game guard,,thanks before,,

Just curious.. does this program only casts buffs and heals on your self, or will it cast them on a party member or targeted player? (For example to power level a lower level player or something)

Hey man, question!

can i have the source code??

i want to use the source to programm my own version :)

let me know, thanks!


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