BuffPang[H] 1.9 Beta : Collector FAQ

By amribakri ( , ) on 3:55 AM

The collector bot is a new feature in BuffPang[H] 1.9. I was unable to test this bot throughly since this release was meant for the quick fix of FKey spam problem. Should you encountered bugs/problem while using this tool, please send me a mail/comment.

  • I assigned my battery to FKey, and select the 'Default OK' to confirm battery change, and  'Default Start/Stop'. But its not working.
    You must not use the 'Default OK' and 'Default Start' unless your Flyff is using 1280x768 resolution setting. Please use the Coord Finder tool to find the position of the buttons for your resolution setting. Save it, and reassign your collecting job using the captured coordinate of the buttons. 
  • The collecting process is not starting for some reason. The battery is full but the collecting process will stop suddenly.
    There is a known glitch when starting a collecting process for the first time after you log into Flyff. The collecting process will not start even after pressing the Start button. I purposely added the second click into the collector job in order to fix this glitch. Please remove the second click under the Job Manager tab. Select the last job item node, and press 'Delete this Key'
  • How do I obtain the location of 'OK' button for battery change confirmation and the 'Start/Stop' button on my screen resolution setting?
    Using Double click on your battery will pops out the 'OK/No' dialog box. Use the Coord Finder tool to capture the coordinate of the 'OK' button. Save it and give 'OKButton' as coordinate name. To get the 'Start/Stop' button's coordinate, equip your char with a collector. Again, use the Coord Finder to get the coordinate to 'Start/Stop' button and save it as 'StartButton'.
  • How can I save the coordinates I have captured and load it for later use?
    Hmm..sorry, this tool is not complete in this beta. Please wait for next release.

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