Merry Chrismast & Happy New Year

By amribakri ( , ) on 10:23 AM

It's been a wonderful holiday. And yet, more holiday to come. I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

I believe everyone rather busy grinding and Flyff'ing right now. Make sure to train one Ringmaster during event time because during this hour, a lot of people going to need FS. Trust me, with the right partner, it's very-very easy to level up a noob Lvl 15 Assist into a Lvl 60 Ringmaster. Plan and wisely divide you playing time with your grinding char so you can also benefit from event-drop items.

Also, I believe version is very stable and suits most of your needs..Should any of you encountered a bugs, please drop an email to me, with some details.

Last but not least, new version of BuffPang[H] is currently underway. I'll try to finish it up as fast as possible, as New Year celebration would gurantee another event(hopefully). I won't be giving any list of new feature right now, because It'll going to be a surprise for upcoming New Year celebration. :)

Stay tuned.
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