Hi guys

It's about time to continue grinding as usual.

I've been busy lately, and can hardly have free time for myself. The Beta 2.0 Rev 2 has been out for a while, but major bugs could only be confirmed until last week. Fixing cannot be done without any report. I hope any bugs found should be reported back to me via the 'Bugs Report' section immediately. Don't wait for it to pile up..

Okay as promised earlier, here is the new release for the Beta 2.0 line. Most of the features in BuffPangH Beta 2.0 Rev3 are the same as previous version, except it’s not too buggy anymore (hopefully :) ) Grab it from here(HotFile).(I will add more download source later) Enjoy v2.0 Rev3 for now. Actual v2.0 will be revealed soon.

What’s has been fixed:
  • Fixed character moving backward continuously when player pressing character ‘S’ when using Enable Keyboard Shortcut feature. (Reason: Leaked keyboard shortcut logic.)
  • Fixed lag issue in town while a player pressing any keyboard button. (Reason: Leaked keyboard shortcut logic.)
  • Fixed Dual-Spam bugs. AFK shouting will no longer create continuous in-game spam warning.
  • Fixed the Click job bugs. It’s now fully working (Reason: Were incompatible with the new Queue Manager)
  • Fixed frequent crash when using 1,000ms gap/interval on your spam job. (Reason : Leaked multitasking thread inside Queue Manager) 
  • Some codes clean up.

P/s: I have a little confession to make, the Rev 2 were kind of rushed a bit without much testing. Silly me for bugging you guys with those freezing bugs. ROFL....omg i'm soo sleepy atm. going to bed now..zzZZZZzzz

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Will this work on Demon FlyFF private server?

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