One step closer to 2.0..

By amribakri ( , , ) on 3:53 AM

Congratulations..!! ^^

Today, BuffPangH has reached 1,000 total members!! Its been a great ride. I thank you for all the support and warm response since the site started on December 2009. On this great day, I'm happy to release the latest update for the v2.0 BETA lineup...

Doing a lot of grinding lately? Is your server throwing an event this weekend? I can bet that most of you will answer YES... So, come and give BuffPangH 2.0 BETA Rev2 a try now :). Download it from here(HotFile) or here(Rapidshare) or here(MegaUpload)

What's new in v2.0 BETA Rev2 ? :
  • NEW Queue and Priority system implemented. This is a vital part for the upcoming Match Up function. Additional setting can be found under Logs & Setting tab, inside the Settings panel.

    Edit : To help you understand how Queue and Priority system works, try to play around with the Queue Delay and Sort Min setting a bit. Then, try running an Auto Heal job and an Auto Buffer Job with a small interval (e.g Auto Heal interval = 2,000ms, Auto Buffer gap = 2,000ms) with Queue Delay = 1,000ms, Sort Min = 3. Roughly, you'll noticed that the missing buff issue is GONE! (hopefully :p)
  • NEW Shortcut keys mechanic. Here is the list of the pre-configured new shortcuts:
    • Start All / Stop All : Ctrl + Alt + S
    • Manual Invoke :
      • Job 0 : Alt + ~
      • Job 1 : Alt + 1
      • Job 2 : Alt + 2
      • ....
      • Job 9 : Alt+9
    • Manual Start / Stop :
      • Job 0 : Ctrl + Alt + ~
      • Job 1 : Ctrl + Alt + 1
      • Job 2 : Ctrl + Alt + 2
      • ...
      • Job 9 : Ctrl + Alt+ 9
  • NEW Flyff Window Finder. This is a 100%-sure-method to look up a valid Flyff ID for your Flyff clients. Additional setting can be found under Logs & Setting tab, inside the Settings panel.

    Edit : Be sure to use this tool on Private Server. I can guarantee that all official Flyff server is using the default setting, but not in private servers.
  • Job's settings are now saved / loaded with every Save / Load Job function. To apply this on pre v2.0 BETA Rev2 save files, load it, apply the settings, then save it using the same filename. All the settings are now saved, and will be loaded on next load.
  • Improved Job tree ability. Re-highligthing your last position in the tree.
  • Spam Limit is now available inside Sequential Keys panel. 

Additional Notes :
  • For compatibility, please avoid using older setting.xml with this release. Use the supplied setting.xml file from this release only.
  • You might need to do some trial-and-error to get the best setting for the Job Queue. The default settings were tested only by myself. Your feedback are welcome for the best settings.
  • The Flyff Window Finder is a VERY POWERFUL tool and will help to find almost any window. I have tested this on different applications and games, and some of them are compatible with BuffPangH in terms of accepting key and click spam. Of course you need to disable the GG Bypass first and the said application/games must not using the GG-like protection.
As usual, please report back if you found any bugs/error. Cheers and happy Flyff'ing :)

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Can this program can be used on detecting monster an auto attacked it?

Unfortunately no

This tool automate ur spamming task, not leveling..

Do you have for a Flyff Iblis? Please, I need some autoclicker or any flyff tools for this game.. please..

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