BuffPang[H] 1.9 Beta : Workaround 2

By amribakri ( , ) on 4:47 AM

Click job is one of the new feature in BuffPang[H] 1.9. You can choose which button to click (single or double click), the coordinate to click, and also can be used alongside a Key job. However, you might be confused at first with the new Sequential Keys interface. I wish I can think of a simpler way to place it so you can understand it easily. Hope this screenshot guide can help you :)

As for collector job, its actually a predefined combo job, between a Key job and a Click job. This is a very good example on how to manipulate and use Key and Click job.

Here is the break down of the actual collecting job content. You might need to understand this in order to learn how to wisely manipulate the Key and Click job.

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When using pet feed then something like that as well?

Using Sequential Keys group, add one Key job(eg. Slot 1 and F1 with 4,000ms interval). Then, add another Key job (same as before, Slot 1 and F1 with 500ms gap) into this job. Both must be in the same job.

The job parameters would looks like as follows :


Finally, start the job as usual.

yes, unfortunately everything related to FKey spam have to start with a duplicated first node. Set the second node to have 500ms interval and the rest of the job will be fine.


Hi how

how come i cannot do the collector job, i followed all the instruction about it.

i hope there is a video on how to set up a collecting job like you did in buff and heal ^^

hi... i really have a problem about finding coordinator... i use 800x600 window mode... well.. in collecting it is not working... help me pls

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