False positive issue with Norman Antivirus

By amribakri ( , , ) on 12:16 PM

I'm sure that I have mentioned about the false positive result using the online virus scanner. Some of you did not read this and keep on bothering me asking for updates. In fact, the DLL that is reported positive is not written by me and I'm using it with BuffPang[H] since its free and to save my time from having to write it again.

Norman Anti Virus is the only antivirus known out there that returned with positive result. Here what you can do to perform the check by yourself :

  • Extract the RAR and send all the files over to an online virus scanner. Try VirusTotal or NoVirusThanks
  • The file that is reported positive is the BypassedPostmessage.dll.
  • If you send over the whole RAR for scan, it will not mention which file is infected.

Anyway, since its been a while for updates, grab the remake DLL below and replace it with the existing one. You may scan it using your trusted online virus scanner.

However, this update is not necessary for those who are not bothered with scan results. The existing DLL works fine along with BuffPang[H] up to version

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