BuffPang[H] 1.9 Beta

By amribakri ( , , ) on 2:33 AM

Introducing BuffPang[H] 1.9 Beta...

What's new in 1.9 :

  • Fix for FKey Spam bug (experimental) on US Flyff, Br Flyff. Enabled by default. Disable Send Full KeyPress event in Log & Setting if your Flyff version is not having the spam problem.
  • New Click job - now you can do spam click. Useful to those who are trying to macro few thing that is click-able. But you need to discover how to use this, and where to use it.
  • New Collector Support - assign your battery to FKey, select the right postion of button to press, and you are ready to go.
  • New Private Server support - Switch between GG bypass mode. Working on any Private Server that is not using GG like protection. Disabled by default.
  • New Keyboard shortcuts (limited to first 10 invokable jobs ). Disabled by default.
    Shortcut Table [ 1st Job(Alt + ~ ), 2nd Job(Alt + 1)...10 th Job(Alt+9) ]
Reminder :
Please check under Log & Setting tab to enable specific new features. It could be disable by default. Also, I would like to remind to all user that this 1.9 Beta is not yet a stable release. Please bear with the bugs/glitch, and kindly report back to me.

The actual 1.9 variant will be out soon with some more feature. 

I wonder how do you feels if your BuffPang can ask for your partner's BuffPang to run a job assigned in his Buffpang? Its neat isn't? :p

Download Links : MegaUpload
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its patched sad to say

I have sent it to gms, and the new version, too

I don't see any reason for you to make this post..provoking?

Bet he's just angry cuz he can't such a little, yet awesome progam on his computer ;)

nahh the kids just a goodie goodie awesome program i use it every day to open 2 windows :)

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