Release : BuffPangH v1.9.0.0

By amribakri ( , , , ) on 8:59 AM

Finally, its completed. Let's make it short so everyone can happily get back to grinding..yeah? Grab it from here(HotFile) or here(MegaUpload)

Actually, I was away for nearly 2 weeks for various reasons. I'm really surprise when my inbox is full of email regarding BuffPangH...LOL..Never thought my little tool can be blocked by G@LA..You guys can be at ease now. It's time to kick back.. :)

New Features : 

  1. Undetected by GameGuard as for the 24th February patch update.
  2. Coord Manager is now fully working. You may now add and remove captured coordinates, and all captured coordinates are now saved automatically. With exception of the click-able button, there's seems a problem with simulating double-click.
  3. Internal Dual-Spam mechanism. This seems to be a permanent workaround to counter the Anti-Spam protection in Flyff. You no longer need to manually adding a second job after the head job like in v1.9 Beta. You can try to enable/disable this as you see fit since some people reporting the normal spam still working for them. This might not work for you if the normal spam is working fine even after the 24th Feb patch (date when eFlyff patched BuffPangH 1.9 Beta). If this still doesn't work , you have to do the second job spam trick manually..sorry.
  4. Better compatibility with Private Server clients. Configurable Flyff window title in BuffPangH to match your private server client's. Eg: xxxFlyff cannot be detected by BuffPangH due to unexpected Flyff window title("xxxFlyff").The normal Flyff window expected by BuffPangH was "Flyff". I would like to hear more from private server player on this.
  5. Various code improvement and fixes.
Also, if you have noted, the title for this release has been changed to BuffPangH. Thanks to G@l@, the name of BuffPang[H] is no longer usable. :)  I will post BuffPangH's full feature list in the Features section later.

Few things that you might need to take note :
  • Sometimes, when a settings are not applied correctly, try to restart your BuffPangH.
  • If you having problem to spam something  besides Buff,Pet Feed,Foods,Vitals,or Mana, its might be blocked by different means. G@l@ did post something back then about people abusing fireworks and equipment swapping which could lead to massive lag in town or to the server itself. Please don't complain this to me.
As usual, any bugs found should be reported under Bugs section. Same goes for suggestions. Last but not least, I could use some donation this time. I'm planning to implement a lot more feature to BuffPangH in future and try to keep it away from being locked down/blocked/detected. Cheers and happy Flyff'ing....

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The weekly mainatance start as you finish creating version. i hope after mainatance will be everythink ok with the program. I am so happy of this program cus i know that from this features I will be Better player.

Yea, don't worry about it. I've tested the new release on March 2nd patch and its working like a charm..

The download is not work
megaupload have delete this download

sorry for my bad english


sorry, i forgot to update the links in this post. try again, should be fine now...

cant download..xhit!

cant download pls FIXED it

Please note that our links provider ( might be slow/down from time to time. Try to visit back later if the download links is down for unknown reason..

Could you please use other Upload site's? i cant go into either one of em.

Where is download link ???

cant download it....

Try to follow these step :
- Login
- Refresh the download page/post
- If the links are not available, try to refresh again.
- If its still not showing, try to use a different browser.

p/s : It might be a malfunction javascript on your browser.Updating or changing your browser usually solve this issue.

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