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By amribakri ( , ) on 9:15 PM

Yes, G@l@.Net has finally marked BuffPang[H] as hack software, thus preventing it from being use.

Worry not guys, new fix is already done. Check this picture.

Good news is, this time they only locks out the executable file from a specific version. I might call this one as lazy patching since its really easy to fix this.

But that doesn't mean that G@l@.Net won't be locking this tool ever again. I'm looking into encryption/protection mechanism which can help this tool to survive as long as possible from being patched. 

New release will be up in few moment...I'm going to release this encryption/protection mechanism version later. But for now, enjoy BuffPang[H] v1.9.0.0

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Where can I download v1.9.0.0? Best tool ever, I love it, I've missed it and now its back :D

i cant find the download link. i want it so much..

i try the old one and steel dont work.

I'm currently making last minute testing+additional tuning..check back again in few hour :)

I will be here all time just comment when you done and send here link to download location. i am happy now cus u back sir..

u are avesome.

can you tell me which tuning you can add?
on previous version the auto telleport doesn't work. did you fix it?

auto teleport? don't think its one of BuffPang feature

i mean coord menager. it is to auto teleport ?

how long it will take? i want it so much

ohh yea, its kinda buggy since the anti-spam patch. but its not for auto teleport, its for click-spam. just like the fkey spam..

i wish it will take not longer than 10 min. I miisss it^^
can you tell us what kind of tunning you add?

Well, not sure if it can be done in 10mins..

I'm tuning and setting up auto saved/load coord so u can use the coord back quickly..

also, got minor crashing issue atm..I'm still working on it.

what about the bypass? did you fix it on the version, because for me it steel doesnt work?

Yes its working like a charm. The picture above was captured while using the new v1.9.0.0..

can you tell me how to download it cus when i download it steel say GameGuard hack detected.

Read m8, he is still working on it, give him some time.

The download link will be posted here when its ready for release..

As for now, please be patience :)

how is going?

just to let you know, i cannot start jobs individually. i have to press START ALL for the jobs to start. can you look at this please?

just to let you know, i cannot start jobs individually. i have to press START ALL for the jobs to start. can you look at this please?

oh this is for 1.9 BETA version

where is the link?


Its in download section. Please join as member to see the download links.


nice one

very very very awesome program
thank you!

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