Its time for 2.0(soon)..missing Flyff Window Id issue resolved

By amribakri ( , , ) on 6:34 AM

Hi guys..

It's quite a long time since my last post here. I've been very-very busy lately, plus there's WORLD CUP going. Can't help And yes, BuffPangH is going for its version 2.0 soon.

The main highlight for v2.0 is the Match Up room. This feature will allow a user to safely share his/her character with other player without giving away any sensitive account informations.
  • Match Up
    - Add and Find new friends.
    - Sharing character (not the same as sharing account) via remote character control (character owner must set the control keys and limitation)
    - Looking for partners which is also a BuffPangH user will never been easier.
The idea here is to allow more people to support each other while not really there to play. Isn't human is way better than a bot? Everyone is welcome to contribute new ideas.

For those who are having problem with missing Flyff window Id when using BuffPangH recently, please download BuffPangH v2.0 Beta here(HotFile) | here(MegaUpload) (I will upload elsewhere later, also refresh the page if the links is not showing after you have logged in)

It will work just like the old v1.9. I found that the new patch is not really block the tool, its just a slight change in the Flyff window's class name. Who would ever thought a small name change could make BuffPangH to stop working. Oh well, its just like a typical G@L@ that we all know, slow and greed../ridicule

As usual, please report back if you found any bugs/error. Regarding to the auto-pet feeding stop working at 99.99%, its not entirely a bug. Its work as it is in order to prevent us from afk feeding. I will post a detailed guide to help those who have problems understanding the Coordinate Finder tool and using the Click Spam job. Both feature is the answer to the new pet feeding mechanism :)

Cheers and happy Flyff'ing ... ima go to sleep now. BTW, gratz to Spain for making into semifinal againts the mighty German :)

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Hey, thanks for it, I'm using it in a pserver (2.0 beta) and it just won't find the clients. did. Help please?

The recent patch on retail Flyff has a different Flyff window's class name. The v2.0 Beta use the new name, so for PServers just keep using v1.9 for now..

I will fix this on the next release.

Thanks! I have another question though, it's the reason I tried using 2.0. I sometimes lag when using the Pang to heal my Ranger (using my RM), like, if I press the camera directional keys (standard up-down-left-right ones) everything is delayed by like 1 sec. It doesn't happen with another bot though, and I don't think the 2 clients+BuffPangH use my whole CPU. So what can I do to fix this? o:

BuffPang[h]v2.0 SE!! nice work bro ^^

nice work ^__^


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