BuffPang[H] 1.9 Beta : Workaround 1

By amribakri ( , , ) on 9:36 AM

Firstly, as most of you might noticed, the heal spam bug still in exist in 1.9 Beta. Here's the workaround to this problem :

  • Put 2 FKey job to spam your Heal skill in the same job. Set the first to 5,000ms (or whatever interval you wish), and the second 500ms only.
  • It'll looks like you are trying to spam 2 Heal in a row. BUT its not. It will only be triggered once.
  • Reason : the internal 50ms delay somehow is not enough to simulate KEY_DOWN and KEY_UP event. I'll adjust this later on next update.
Secondly, the collector job actually creates several sequence of key and click job.From the job manager, you might noticed that it will click the Start/Stop button twice. I purposely added the second click in order to let BuffPang[H] properly start the collecting process. It is a known glitch in Flyff when you starting the collecting process for the first time. You have to remove the second click job manually after the collecting process has started using this job.

Lastly, when using the Coord Finder tool, it is not necessary to use a click(left click) to mark the spot. You can use a right click instead, as this will prevent you from activating the button/item/slot.

Cheers and happy bug hunting :)

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Hmm still not getting Heal to work. Could you give me an example of this method?

Using Sequential Keys group, add one Key job(eg. Slot 1 and F1 with 4,000ms interval). Then, add another Key job (same as before, Slot 1 and F1 with 500ms gap) into this job. Both must be in the same job.

The job parameters would looks like as follows :


Finally, start the job as usual.

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