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We finally received a good news in eFlyff (USA) regarding penya spammer infesting out town.

Client Updates Feb 9, 2010:
  • [New Feature] Ignore Player: It is now possible to block chat messages and whispers from players without having them on your Friends List.  The main idea behind this implementation is to give players a way to filter out Penya Spammers or other annoyances in the chat window.  
 How to Use the Ignore Feature:
 - To block a player, simply type the following without the quotes: /Block "playername" or /bl "playername" - Example: /Block Cromiell
 - To unblock a player, simply type the following without the quotes: /Unblock "playername" or /ubl "playername" - Example: /Unblock Cromiell
Important Note about this new feature:
 - Your list of ignored players will be RESET if you log out of the game.
 - This feature does not currently block /say messages. 
 - We feel this is an important feature and we are suggesting modifications to improve upon it.  For now, it should hopefully help reduce the spam and annoyances for some folks.
It took Gala.Net a very long time to come up with a method to stop a spammer in town. But still, this surely change our beloved Flaris town a lot. Once, chatting or saying Hi to a friend was nearly impossible thing to do in Flaris due to massive chat spammer bot that is advertising their penya selling website.

To speed up the process of blocking a penya spammer using the new /Block function, you can use right click on your general chat box. 
  1. First, hover your mouse over the penya spammer name.
  2. Right click on the name.
  3. The chat box is now filled with '/whisper [penya_spammer_name]'
  4. Press 'Home', and press Right Arrow Key once(to position your cursor next to the '/' char)
  5. Hit 'Delete' 7 times(to remove whole 'whisper' text)
  6. Type 'Block'
  7. Press 'Enter'
Its done. No more chat spam from that particular penya spammer will ever populate your chatbox. 

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